Contact Information for Acquirers

To contact us, simply dial the number below, or send a message using our online form. A Discover Network representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Become a Discover Network Acquirer

Please send a message using the form below to become a Discover Network Acquirer. Please call 1-866-255-6019 for authorization, address verification, or to report suspicious activity (press 1). For all other inquiries please press 2.

Questions About Fraud Prevention

Please call 1-800-347-3083 to speak to a Discover fraud prevention specialist.

Discover Acquirer Interchange and Cash Reimbursement Rates and Fees

Access interchange, rates and fees

Dispute Mutual Assistance

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Global Compliance

Please contact us if you detect or witness suspicious activity on or involving Discover Network cards, products, and/or transactions, including credit card receivables, or if you become aware of such activity and have questions.

Fraud Prevention Solutions

To get technical assistance or help with resetting your Fraud & Risk Center Log In ID and/or Password, call 1-800-347-0240.

For more information, please email us at


Need access to Account Incident Manager (AIM)?

Please download the form and email the completed and signed original paper version of this form to us.

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